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WebInspired provide bespoke shopping cart facilities for clients. We have developed a powerful ecommerce system for online catalogues with secure payment and shopping cart facilities. Check out the feature list below. Fully enabled for content management allowing you to administer all aspects of your shop anywhere you have an internet connection.

features and facilities


Loaded with tools to help your customers navigate and purchase from your store.

The customer can see exactly what they've put in their basket whilst browsing their store - whatever page they're on. No nasty pop-ups, or new browser windows.

Customer Accounts
The customer can log in to their own 'My Accounts' section. This allows them to see previous orders and track the progress of pending ones. The can also load saved baskets and change their password. Customer accounts are created automatically the first time someone orders.

Wish Lists
Customers can create wish lists of products they want (perhaps for a birthday or wedding), and share their account with friends and family who can browse and purchase products. A private password allows the creator to edit the list.

A powerful search engine allows users to search by keyword and category. Results will suggest relevant products and categories. Keywords in the search are highlighted in the results.

Speed Order
Regular customers will love the speed order system - they can quickly add multiple products to their cart by entering product code and quantity. If you are trying to move customers from your paper catalogues to your online system, this might be the clincher as they can prepare orders using the paper catalogue and not waste time searching for the items a second time online.

Other Features
Top selling and newest products listing on the front of the site.

Related products, related categories and 'people who bought this product also bought' cross-selling on each product page..

Saved baskets - customers can save their basket contents to the database and recover them later. This is great for regular orders (saves having to search for the items to add to the basket and order each time) as well as those who need to finish their order later.

Multiple currency - customers can browse the store in their local currency, even if it is not supported by the payment gateways you use on the site.

Contact us page - publishing email addresses on your web site is an invitation to spammers as these will be harvested and spammed to oblivion. A contact form avoids this problem, helping you keep email addresses out of the hands of spammers and reducing unwanted email.

Enquire about contents of your basket without making an order.


From the backend you can control every part of your store.

Access Online
The store is managed online through a web browser so you don't have to install any software on your machine. This means you can manage your store from anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Multiple logins can be created to allow more than one user to manage the store. Each user has a username and password to verify themselves and log in to the system. The permissions system means you can restrict users to only manage certain sections. You can also limit access to the back end to specific internet connections.

You can view your recent orders, or search for an old orders by date, transaction code, customer, affiliate or status. View all the details of the order, print off an invoice and update the order progress to keep your customers informed.

Managing your categories, products and versions is easy; each can have a thumbnail and large image which is uploaded through the browser. Supports the sale of downloadable items such as software and eBooks too, which can also be uploaded through the administrator functions too.

Conventional web-based stats are provided by most web hosts and are a useful source of information on visitor levels. Augment this with a breakdown of products viewed and orders, broken down by month and displayed graphically for easy trend analysis.

Other Useful Stuff
The back end is loaded with other useful tools:

- Price mark up - perform bulk changes to version prices.
- View low-level stock warnings.
- View overdue affiliate payments.
- Change front news items.
- Send emails out to your mailing list or export the addresses (recommended for larger lists).
- Configure multiple languages and currencies.


You catalogue can be modified and updated through the backend system, live on the site.

Categories, Products and Versions
Each product can have an unlimited number of 'versions' (such as different sizes of T-Shirt) with their own price, tax, stock control, image and description. Products can exist in multiple categories, and an unlimited category hierachy can be built. There is no limit to the number of categories, products or versions on the system.

Creating your catalogue
Works well with stores selling from one product to hundreds or thousands. Creating and maintaining catalogue is quick and easy, thanks to useful tools such as browser image uploads, version cloning and data integrity checks. If you've got a large catalogue to import, the data tool can import your catalogue from various sources, including excel spreadsheets and text files.

Stock Control
With each product version, you can enable stock control, setting the maximum in stock and low level warnings. When the version is purchased, the stock is reduced. The warnings system on the backend will list products will low warning levels so you can increase stock. Products out of stock are automatically disabled from the front end.

Electronic Downloads
Also works if you need to sell electronic - such as music, eBooks, manuals, software, games etc - or non-shipped products. You can upload directly from your browser your electronic products. These are secure from normal customers, but can be downloaded by those who order the product from their customer account. When purchased they are automatically free from shipping. Other non-shipped items, such as product warranties, subscription services etc., can be flagged as shipping-free.

Display Options
A whole load of display settings to get your catalogue displaying in the best way. Categories, products and versions each have various ways of displaying, and can be set either globally or on a per-category or per-product basis.


Multiple Language
You can run in up to 5 languages at one time. Customers can choose their language from a dropdown on most pages.

You can set categories, products and versions to be language specific, so only customers in one country can purchase certain items. Your skins are language-specific too, so you can have different designs for each language.

Multiple Currencies
Customers can select their preferred currency from a dropdown just as simply as with their language. Converts all prices on the site, not just a rough conversion of the order total. Also lets you choose for each gateway whether you wish to process orders in the customer's choice of currency, or convert all orders to one currency for processing. This means you can still offer customers the option of browsing in their own currency even if it is an exotic one not supported by the gateway you're using.


Offers various different ways of accepting payment from the customer.

Payment Gateways
Payments gateways are the best way of accepting payment. Orders are processed automatically by a third party such as Worldpay, PROTX or Secure Trading.

Integrates many of the major payment gateways including callbacks for every one, so your store is informed by the gateway when a successful transaction is made. This way, you can update the order record, send confirmation emails and reduce stock quantity only when an order is successfully completed and paid for.

Offline Methods of Payment
You can also offer payment of offline methods, such as cheque or purchase order. You can limit the option of payment by purchase order to pre-approved customers only and require that others will have to pay by credit card.

If you want to take credit-card information on your own secure area (either on your server with a certificate or on a remote server) you can use the Encrypted Mail add on component.



Integrated Shipping
You can set shipping to calculate based on total weight or value of the order by setting up multiple shipping bands on an internal shipping system. You can set up a different banding structure for multiple shipping methods (e.g. Regular Post, Next Day Delivery) and have different prices for individual shipping zones (e.g. domestic, Europe, North America, rest of world, etc.).

You have extensive tax settings to calculate prices correctly for your country and product: Set up tax based on shipping destination (country and/or state); specific tax bands for each product version; tax calculated 'per item' or 'per row' to match your accounting standards; display prices excluding or including tax; set shipping tax based on destination.


Customer Discounts
Valued customers can be given a percentage customer discount which is applied at the checkout stage.

Coupons can be created to discount an order. A coupon can be a percentage of the order (e.g. 10% off) or a set value (e.g. £5 voucher).

Each affiliate can be given a percentage commission for orders they generate. From the back end you can view statistics for affiliates and show which payments have been made to them and which are pending. A warning system lets you know when affiliates are due payment. Affiliates can log in on the front end and view stats on click-throughs, purchases and payments.

Order Handling Charge
An optional fixed order handling charge can be applied at checkout.

Related Products
Each product can have links to an unlimited number of related products - this a useful way of introducing new products as well as providing easy access to complementary products, such as batteries for electronic products.

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Your customers will have everything at their disposal to browse and purchase items from your store with ease, including the basket, speed ordering, order tracking, mailing list, save and recover baskets and customer wish lists.

Administrators Interface

The backend user interface gives you complete control over your store. It provides the ability to look up and set the progress of orders, manage the product catalogue, view/edit your customers, send newsletters and monitor page statistics.


Our system allows a great deal of flexibility in setting up products and categories. The number of products and categories supported is virtually unlimited and you can create multiple levels of categories and subcategories and feature products in multiple categories if you wish. Add to this stock control, electronic downloads , support for large and normal images and you have a powerful solution.

Regional Setup

Run stores all over the world. Multiple languages and multiple currency support means you can set up your one store to target more than one buying country if you wish


Supports many of the most popular online payment gateways so you can securely accept credit card payments. You can also set the store to use offline methods (such as cheque or postal order) or accept card details through your own secure area.

Shipping & Tax

Shipping can be calculated based on either the weight or price of an order, or you can look up real time shipping rates from popular carriers such as UPS.

what they say

"At first I didnt even know if what I was asking for was feasible. WebInspired were very helpful in the early concept stages and then produced a bespoke ecommerce system that allows us to sell online, by telephone sales and also at auction. Its all integrated into one order processing system which all our staff can access."

Stephen Innes, Property Auction Surveys.